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Five Fun Ways to Exercise with Your Kids indoors or on a Rainy Day

Five fun ways to exercise with your kids indoors or on a rainy day

By: Angie Menendez, owner and instructor Baby Boot Camp Dana Point and San Clemente, California

RainPlaying with your kids bring… strong abs? Well, it certainly can! Don’t let a rainy day or being stuck in the house derail your workout. Make it a family friendly event with some simple moves and games.

Before you begin get you and your kids dressed in the right clothes. Let them know it is time to exercise. Expect that they will stay excited and engaged for about 10 minutes before they get distracted (even less time for younger kids) but commit to doing what you can and burn calories while teaching your kids some healthy habits. Turn on some Justin Beiber and let’s get to work!

Warm up: If you have stairs- do a few sets up and down. Have your kids sit at one end and count out how many steps you take, how long it takes you (an iPhone timer works great for this) and cheer you on. If you don’t have stairs, encourage your kids to chase you around for 5 minutes. While they chase you, do some high knee jogs and some booty kickers to get your legs warm.Plank Exercise

Fast feet and push-up: Stand facing your kids and put your feet out wide. Bend at the hips and knees and start to do fast feet (football feet). Get your kids to join you. Every 15 seconds drop down and do 5-10 push-ups. Hop back up and start your fast feet again. Go for 1 minute. Rest and repeat. Kids love to run fast, you can have them do fast feet with you and let them call out when you should go down for push-ups!

Red light/Green light with a twist: Kids love Red light/Green light! This one has a twist for mommy to get her heart rate up. Give yourself a little bit of a walkway and shout “Red light!” and do jump squats. Then yell “Green light!” and start to do walking lunges. Stop and yell “Red light!” and continue with the jump squats. Keep going until you reach the end of your walkway. Kids love to jump. Hold their hand and encourage them to walk wide while you lunge back to start.

Family yogaBear crawls and inchworms:  Use the same walkway as before and do bear crawls down and inchworms back. For a bear crawl come down to your hands and feet. You are in bear position- now you are going to walk across with your abs engaged. When you reach the end do inchworms back. With an inchworm you start in a high plank position on your hands and toes. Keeping your belly engaged, you walk your feet toward your hands to create a pyramid position (or down dog). From there walk your hands back out to the top of your plank. Continue in this pattern until you reach the end.

Simon Says with exercises: If your child is old enough to play Simon Says, then incorporate some fun exercises into it: Simon Says do jumping jacks. Simon says do squats. Simon says do push-ups. You get the deal.

Not only will your little one get to exert some energy and get exercise, you will feel worked out after this! Include a cool down with some gentle stretching and you have successfully gotten a workout in while playing with your kids!


Angie Menendez
Certified Personal and Group Fitness Instructor
Certified in Pre/Post natal Fitness
Owner of Baby Boot Camp Dana Point & Karna Fitness South OC

Angie Menendez is a mom, wife and small business owner. As an AFAA certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a certification in Pre/Post Natal Fitness, she is an owner and instructor for Baby Boot Camp® Dana Point and San Clemente and Karna Fitness South OC. She also trains clients privately and teaches classes at the Renaissance Club Sport in Aliso Viejo.

Angie started out working in Human Resources when she graduated from Arizona State University in 2000. She spent nearly 10 years recruiting, training and counseling college graduates for large companies and enjoyed the opportunity to teach and mentor people at a critical time in their careers. During that time she taught fitness classes part time and trained and competed in numerous triathlons in Southern California. When she had her baby in early 2010, she decided to find new ways to engage, teach and motivate others through her other passion: fitness.

Angie enjoys running, pilates and yoga in her spare time and will definitely help motivate you to achieve your best fitness self in one of her programs!

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