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Juicing Your Style!

on April 17, 2013

Juicing is the new “in thing”!

What once was confined to the back of smelly health food stores and Jack Lalane infomercials has now caught on.

Stars are rocking their green juices down the streets of Hollywood, to juice bars popping up all across the nation.

Joe CrossThe wildly popular documentary film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” has brought forefront fatsick&nearlydeadattention to the dramatic health and physical appearance benefits gained from juicing.

Juicing is a fabulous tool on a journey to vibrant health.
It can get confusing over when and how much one should juice.
Just like anything in life: too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect.

Guidance with a few key points can be helpful to navigate the maze of the juicing world.

First of all, juicing is a great way to get fast fresh micronutrients and vital enzymes in the body.

Lips sip SmoothieBy juicing only ORGANIC produce, your digestive system is virtually hanging out without needing to do too much work.

The nutrients are readily absorbed if it is consumed on an empty stomach.

Juicing with lots of greens is a great way to start off your day with getting your body more alkaline.
This is important because disease cannot live in an alkaline environment.

Replacing the morning cup of joe with a fresh organic green juice can boost your energy and kick start your body’s nutrient needs for the day in a big way.

??????????????Juicing for health on a daily basis is a great thing to add to a healthy regime. It should not replace other foods like healthy fats that help with digestion and absorption of nutrients and should be integrated into a whole foods based diet.

Although juicing has so many benefits, entire books are written about them, there are a few things to be aware of in proceeding.

For those who have an inactive thyroid, raw greens, like kale and spinach, may put added stress on the thyroid gland and should be drunk in moderation and under the care of a physician, as with any adverse health condition.

Rotating the greens and produce is the healthiest way to approach an ongoing juicing regime.

????????????????????Juicing with the seasons will also bring about the greatest health benefits as well.

During the colder seasons, adding in warming foods like a bit of peppers and even spicing it up withSpices - Cooking cayenne, pepper, and cinnamon are great ways to keep the body from getting to cold and to maintain inner homeostasis.

A great way to start training a palate for greener, more vegetable based juices is to begin with the 70/30 ratio of more fruits to greens.

As the juicing continues, begin to slowly inverse this relationship to where eventually there will be 70% veggies and 30% fruits.

Juice detoxes are becoming all the rage.Healthy juices

This can be a great way to rest the digestive system and cleanse and detox the vital cleansing organs, like the liver and kidneys.

A juice cleanse should be approached with the proper preparation at least a week in advance.

Going from a highly processed food diet, with a lot of toxins like alcohol, coffee and animal products before a cleanse often causes a lot of untoward symptoms of unpleasant detoxing.

Woman feeling down.Irritability, headache, foggy brain, and fatigue are some of the symptoms that can be exacerbated if juicing without proper body preparation.

The best rule of thumb before juice fasting is to cut out coffee and alcohol at least 3 days before juicing, taper down animal products and gluten the week leading up to the cleanse, then eliminate them at least a few days prior.

Salad with ForkIncrease more raw living foods and decrease the amount of cooked foods over the week before the cleanse, then try to go at least 2 meals of raw foods/day for 2 days prior.

I like to kick off the juice fast with the 2 days prior to all juice, replacing an entire meal with juicing.

By the time you begin your actual complete juice fast, you will have transitioned more easily and started to learn and form healthier habits.

It will also seem less dramatic and extreme to taper down the favorite food and drinks instead of cutting them all off cold turkey.

healthy lifestyleThe ultimate goal should be resting the digestive system so the body can work cleansing the organs that get junked up with our daily dietary and environmental toxins.

The bi-product if approached correctly will be a renewed appreciation for how healthy feels, being able to get the bodily desires under control and ultimately begin changing destructive dietary patterns.

The question many have with learning about the amazing health benefits of juicing is, “What kind of juicer should I buy?”

Starting with what you may already have is a perfect place.

Many already have a juicer that is collecting dust in the piles of unused kitchen wedding gifts or other “too much trouble” appliance abyss.

Dust and wash it off and use it.

The problem with going out and buying the most expensive juicer is, there are many factors to first consider.

Although the intentions are always awesome and the motivation is strong in the beginning, most wind up getting discouraged with the process of the cost of the produce and the time it takes to prepare and clean up the juicer.

Until you are certain juicing is going to be integrated into a solid way of life, a more economical juicer is the way to go.

The issue with the lower priced juicers is their inability to properly extract all the enzymes and micronutrients out of the plants.

Centrifugal juicers (the ones that spin the produce for extraction ) are quite ineffective for getting the most out of the precious greens.

The result is a lot of wet pulp and lots of whole un-juiced produce in the pulp bin.
This can be a bit disheartening to see how so little juice can come from so many fruits and veggies.

The juice from these types of juicers must also be consumed right away after juicing to maintain all the enzymes and nutrients.

However, for someone just beginning their juicing journey, it’s still a great place to start without feeling like there is a huge up front investment.

If the juicing becomes a habit and the results are continued to be felt and seen, upgrading to a masticating juicer is definitely in order.

The juicers like the Omega and Hurom are both reasonably priced and effective masticating juicers that extract the vital nutrients.

The pulp/juice ratio changes and much more juice is made  from less produce and the pulp is minimal and much dryer.
The Angel juicer is very expensive and is a Rolls Royce of cold-pressed juice extraction.

With these masticating juicers, the integrity of the nutrient content and enzymes are maintained for a day or two without the rapid degradation that occurs with the centrifugal juicers.

DottyDrinkGreenJuiceSo, there are a few things to consider before taking the plunge into the juice, but the results are well worth anyway you go about extracting the precious liquid!

If it all seems too much, find a reputable organic juice bar and begin buying the juices from there first until you get in the habit of drinking juices, then make the decisions based of what you feel you are ready for and can commit to!

I like to start my day with my favorite green juice. You can see my recipe posted

here about jump starting your day with juice!

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Both can accommodate daily juicing and full guided juice and detox cleanses.

Happy Juicing!

To your Vibrant Health,


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