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Getting Your Kids Interested in Gardening

on March 20, 2013
Lisa Sachen from Savannah’s Organic Ranch
shares with us about Getting Your Kids Interested In Gardening

1. First, I recommend finding some age appropriate gardening books or stories at the library or book store, and reading them together. The stories will get them interested in the topic, and for new gardening moms (like me!) the how-to books written at a simple level are just right for us too!
2. Every kid likes to have their own special equipment! I suggest going to the dollar stores, or the dollar section of many discount stores and look for kid-sized gardening gloves, tools and mats, to give to them as their own “special” gardening equipment. Don’t forget a hat!! Once they are all “outfitted” up, I guarantee they will be even more excited to get dirty!!

3. Finally, because March is a great time for seed starting, I thought I would include this simple activity to do with your kids. Because starting plants from seeds can be tricky, but oh, so rewarding when those little seeds begin to sprout, this is an activity that will really set up your little gardeners for success, and is a good way to teach about recycling as well!



Here is a special project from the book called, Project Garden, A Month-by-Month Guide to Planting, Growing and Enjoying ALL Your Backyard Has to Offer, by Stacy Tornio

Have fun making Mini-Greenhouses with your kids!

Materials you will need:

Clear plastic berry containers-strawberry pints are the perfect size!
Potting soil
Seeds to start

1. Clean out your berry container and fill halfway with soil.
2. Plant seeds in the soil, pressing them into the soil no more than the depth of your fingernail. Check your seed packets’ instructions for how close together you should start them.
3. Place in a sunny area and keep the lid closed for the first few days to help the seeds germinate. Water when your soil is dry to the touch.
4. Once you’re ready to plant your seeds, gently scoop them out and transplant outside!

Savannah’s Organic Ranch is a Partner of Moms In Charge. We believe in Savannah’s dream in creating a place where kids can come and learn about the importance of organic food from seed to fork.

Savannah’s Organic Ranch will bring more awareness and tangible ways for the entire community to be educated and empowered in a hands on organic enviroment. We are excited to be a part of making Savannah’s dream come true as we join our dream and mission of “Changing the SHAPE of our Future”.

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