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Getting Your Kids Interested in Gardening

Lisa Sachen from Savannah’s Organic Ranch
shares with us about Getting Your Kids Interested In Gardening

1. First, I recommend finding some age appropriate gardening books or stories at the library or book store, and reading them together. The stories will get them interested in the topic, and for new gardening moms (like me!) the how-to books written at a simple level are just right for us too!
2. Every kid likes to have their own special equipment! I suggest going to the dollar stores, or the dollar section of many discount stores and look for kid-sized gardening gloves, tools and mats, to give to them as their own “special” gardening equipment. Don’t forget a hat!! Once they are all “outfitted” up, I guarantee they will be even more excited to get dirty!!

3. Finally, because March is a great time for seed starting, I thought I would include this simple activity to do with your kids. Because starting plants from seeds can be tricky, but oh, so rewarding when those little seeds begin to sprout, this is an activity that will really set up your little gardeners for success, and is a good way to teach about recycling as well!



Here is a special project from the book called, Project Garden, A Month-by-Month Guide to Planting, Growing and Enjoying ALL Your Backyard Has to Offer, by Stacy Tornio

Have fun making Mini-Greenhouses with your kids!

Materials you will need:

Clear plastic berry containers-strawberry pints are the perfect size!
Potting soil
Seeds to start

1. Clean out your berry container and fill halfway with soil.
2. Plant seeds in the soil, pressing them into the soil no more than the depth of your fingernail. Check your seed packets’ instructions for how close together you should start them.
3. Place in a sunny area and keep the lid closed for the first few days to help the seeds germinate. Water when your soil is dry to the touch.
4. Once you’re ready to plant your seeds, gently scoop them out and transplant outside!

Savannah’s Organic Ranch is a Partner of Moms In Charge. We believe in Savannah’s dream in creating a place where kids can come and learn about the importance of organic food from seed to fork.

Savannah’s Organic Ranch will bring more awareness and tangible ways for the entire community to be educated and empowered in a hands on organic enviroment. We are excited to be a part of making Savannah’s dream come true as we join our dream and mission of “Changing the SHAPE of our Future”.

For more information on Savannah’s Organic Ranch, visit

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ToughWinterIt’s been a long hard winter!!!
 I had a beautiful epiphany while in my cycling class.
It seemed especially hard for me to get the energy to push through the “climbs” and other drills by the teacher.
Then suddenly, a song started playing.  I have heard it at least a hundred times.. I have always loved the catchy tune and enjoyed the fun lyrics…
But THIS TIME, the words penetrated into my soul and became alive within me.
Natasha Bedingfield’s song “UNWRITTEN” (listen HERE) began pulsing in my head and my heart began to come alive with the words that she so beautifully crafted:
“Feel the rain on your skin, no one else can feel it for you, only you can let it in.”
Wow…Think about that …the truth is that we are the ones that allow the feelings we have in…any feelings…Good, bad, indifferent. We are the ones who write the pages of our storybook.
So often we just let some giant random “pen” write the various dramatic stories of our lives instead of deciding WE are going to take control and write it how we want it to turn out.
We are living our lives…only WE can let the feelings in…only WE can be offended if someone irritates us.
We have the amazing ability to be able to choose how we deal with each situation that comes our way.
Although this sounds much easier in theory or in a song than when the rubber hits the road, it is still the TRUTH!!
Cacao&happinessAs we are moving into a new FRESH SEASON, I want to encourage all of us to begin to approach each day as an UNWRITTEN canvas and choose to write the script that brings us the life that we each desire and deserve to live.
It time to cleanse and be renewed and shed the excess baggage that we have been carrying and step into a beautiful new space of creative energy and life.
At the end of the class, the cycling teacher encouraged us all to write our obituary now…how do you want others to remember you?
What do you want read as the story of your life?
“TODAY IS, WHERE YOUR BOOK BEGINS….” Natasha Bedingfield

To your family’s vibrant health,

Dotty 😉

Dotty Cropped2By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.

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I’m doing EVERYTHING “right” so why are my kids sick?

  • sick_child2

The cold and flu season seems to be getting rougher as the years go by.

When I began my health journey with my kids,  someone was literally sick all the time.
I felt hopeless and weary from the sick cycle.

I changed all the foundational health areas: our diet, cleaning supplies, personal care and beauty products, and added essential supplements.
Our health drastically changed.

The frequency and duration of illness was greatly reduced and the chronic runny noses and tummy aches became a distant memory with only occasional issues.

winter-stormA few years went by with occasional illnesses. Then,  seemingly like a blinding storm, the winter bugs hit and left my head swirling as I have scrambled to pull out every arsenal and resource to remedy 3 kids who seemed to take turns expressing various characteristics of the wicked virus.

Admittedly, discouragement has been a very familiar emotion throughout these winter months and left me asking myself  “why?”.confused

“Why, after we had been so much more healthy, have we seemed to have gotten trapped in “plagueville”?” and “How can I, as a leader of moms to help them on their health journey, have this happening with my kids?”.

I have asked these questions not only to myself but the variety of specialists we have visited during this bizarre course of events.

From them, I have received insight that has helped me understand what is going on.
I have had to assimilate it all into a word picture to fully understand it.

Here is how my brain has processed this and been able to make sense of it all: 

First of all, when our kids’ immune systems are developing, they are susceptible to insults, like viruses and bacteria.

buildingwallsImagine a city  with a fortress of a wall being built around it to protect it from invaders.

As you are building the wall, you start out with some good material like pretty good solid bricks.citywallsattacked

But then, you start to get pummeled with shots fired at you, and the walls you have built get crushed.

Then as you go to rebuild it, your new “supply company” is now cutting corners and is sending you shoddy building materials.

shoddywallThey just are not strong enough and are not holding together as well as they should. Even though it looks like it is “sturdy”; well, it’s just not going to withstand a big attack.

The invaders come, but these are the same ones who have come before, so the watchmen and defenders know their strategies and thwart their attack.

So, things are still looking good.highwalls

Now you are getting better supplies from headquarters. The building blocks are stronger and the barrier wall is getting more fortified.

A NEW and STRONG invader has come into the land and is creating havoc at every turn.

You think you have got this. Your wall is not completely built, but has gotten stronger reinforcements.

But, this time, the enemy is sneaky.
They know where the weak building blocks are in the wall, and the watchmen don’t see it coming.

villageonfireThey launch an all out attack as the invader begins to make their way into your city.
With the war at hand, there is much destruction and the city is damaged.
However, because of the new building blocks and the strength of the defenders, the enemy is ultimately defeated and the city is strengthened by understanding the enemy.

This is our children’s immune systems.

They are brought into the world already subject to toxins from their parents, hospitals, products, environment, then we load them up with vaccines, antibiotics and other medications.

vaccines&antibioticsThese things weaken the walls of their city of defense against

When we feed them foods that are full of additives, preservatives, gluten, sugar and pasteurized dairy, we send in the weak building blocks to fortify the “walls ” of their immune system.

Once we begin to get informed and empowered about how all of these things can cause our kids harm, and begin making changes, we are sending in stronger “building supplies” to create a sturdy immune immune system.

cockysoldierMost if the time, if the children have been exposed to the common cold and flu and have gotten them before, the immune system or the “defenders” will recognize them because they’ve “been there and done that” before and know exactly how to deal with it, so health prevails.supervirus

However, when there is a new invader like a super strong, mutated virus or “super-bug”, the immune system doesn’t know how to properly fight it off. Because there have been fundamental structural problems with the “wall” of the original “building” of the immune system, the invaders are able to take hold of the the vulnerable body and make him sick.

The factors of:  previous insults and toxins, weak building blocks, the unfinished “wall” and the unrecognized enemy that has to be dealt with are why our kids are sick even though we ARE NOW doing everything right.

The encouraging news is, when our kids’ defenders are fighting and they get sick, they are actually building their immune systems to be stronger and able to recognize and deal with these bugs for future attacks.

The important things to consider to give strong building blocks from “Headquarters” are:

vegetable-stand1. Diet – are they consuming the proper nutrients?
This includes:

**Organic fruits and vegetables
**No or limited processed foods
**Lots of filtered spring water
**No gluten or pasteurized dairy
**No refined sugar and limited alternatives to sugar
**Grass fed beefsprouting&soaking

**Free-range chicken
**Pasture-raised eggs
**Soaked and sprouted nuts seeds and gluten-free grains

**Fermented drinks and food


2. Products on skin and in home:

shaklee_cleaning_products2ALL Non-toxic including:

**Laundry soap

**Dish washing soap

**All cleaners

**Air fresheners
**Body and hair products
3.  Supplements:

**Vitamin D- 15 min of 40% of body to sun exposure daily or supplement via a suspension
**Vitamin C
**Elderberry syrup
**Fermented Cod liver oil
**Juice plus

4. Fresh Air and Exercise:

**Getting kids in fresh air out of our stagnant polluted home air is very important to help their immune systems and decrease the toxic load.

**Activity stimulates the immune system and allows for increased blood flow to critical parts of the body to flush out toxins.

mom&daughterlaughing5. Decrease stress and increase laughter and fun

**Our kids are under a lot of stress these days and we need to begin to learn to enjoy the journey more with them and not take everything so serious.  Learn to laugh with your kids when things are crazy and messy and use these times as “teachable positive moments” instead of freaking out over every little thing that disrupts your day.

Kids need to be kids. It’s a lost art and we should all be students of how to be a kid again :)

By continuing to give our kids the best building supplies for their developing immune systems, we can be more confident that as they grow, they will be able to take on more of the invaders with ease.

kidsinsunHowever, we need to understand that perhaps there has been much damage to our kids through past choices before we understood the healthier alternatives.

The damage and weakened blocks we have given them must be continually fortified with the healthiest choices.

We must NOT lose heart or worse yet, beat ourselves up that perhaps, we are doing something wrong or that making healthy choices isn’t really worth it.

Once we have a better understanding of how our kids’ immune system is forming, we can be empowered with the confidence to continue to be IN CHARGE  and truly ” Change the SHAPE of our future”.strongbaby

So, grap your bricks and mortar and let’s start building STRONG HEALTHY BODIES TOGETHER!!

For mama’s health: As we are older and our immune systems are  fully developed, if we continue to get everything that comes along, we should be taking a very good long look into our own personal choices so we can fortify and protect ourselves. Our immune systems at this point should be strong enough to handle most of the bugs that perhaps our kids are still battling.

To your family’s vibrant health,

Dotty 😉

Dotty Cropped2By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.

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