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WHITE-WASHED: Milky-White Lies

on February 11, 2013

schoollunchMilk- the white liquid that flows throughout the fabric of our society.
It is so accepted and expected that we have been “white-washed” into believing that if we don’t give our kids cows milk, we are depriving them of vital nutrients that will have detrimental results to their growth.

gotmilkbabyHowever, the milk industry has a big stake in keeping this myth perpetuated and spends an enormous amount of money to ensure it.
The milk of today that lines our grocery store cooler shelves is not the same milk from the days of cow’s milk from a farm.

The cows that produce the massive amounts of milk demanded from our white washed society are factory farmed.
cowsgrazingThis means they live in close quarters, in conditions that are not conducive to a “happy cow” life, which means sickness is much more prevalent than in they grazed on the grass in a green pasture.

This requires many medications including antibiotics.

milking-cowsBecause the mama cows are needed for massive milk production, they are milked continuously through pregnancy, post birth, and through the next impregnation without breaks, being stripped of their calves after birth.

They are also given hormones to keep the milk production at a desired high level.
Then this white “gold” has to be pasteurized to kill all the pathogens from the “less than sterile” and many times filthy conditions.

jugs-of-milkThe end result that makes it to our plastic jugs is a beautiful white liquid from a factory merging of cows that is filled with traces of medications, hormones and often “pus”.

The rBgh that is a genetically modified hormone made by Monsanto has been linked to woman-drinking-frappuccinoincrease the chances of cancer, yet it is still allowed to be used and fill up bottles for babies and make frothy lattes everywhere.

Our society mindlessly sip, and guzzle this glorified drink and has no idea of the process that it took and from where it came from.

The health implications are many, including the notorious “lactose intolerance” that many complain of when ingesting milk products.

This is because the enzyme “lactase”, which is required to break down the lactose for digestion is destroyed in the pasteurization process.

Milk is also very mucus producing, exacerbating allergies and colds.

Kids-and-ColdsEar infections and other upper airway issues and illnesses have been highly linked to the consumption of pasteurized dairy products.

The truth is there are many other sources that are bioavailable in lieu of cow’s milk for our calcium and other minerals to help us build healthy bones and bodies.

The highest incident to osteoporosis is in countries who drink THE MOST cow’s milk, not the opposite.  (Click HERE to read article.)
A few alternatives are freshly made almond, hemp or coconut milk.
(see how to make your own almond milk HERE.)

Fresh organic green leafy vegetables are a great source of calcium, especially kale and can be easily incorporated into delicious smoothies. (see how to make the smoothie HERE.)

FoodswithCalciumHere is a great chart to see some foods high in calcium.

Finding the best sources of nutrition may mean thinking out of the “box” or “carton” and washing your minds with truth, without being led by others who have an agenda other than your vibrant health.

Make it the “right white”.

For my full article on milk & pasteurization, click HERE.


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By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.

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