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Revive the Resolutions

on January 22, 2013

We are rocking on through January!

Plate-Spinning2Many of our best laid plans, resolutions and motivations may already be squelched beneath the burdens to everyday life demands of raising kids and keeping all the plates spinning.

However, today is still the best day to make the decision to be the most awesome version of you.

No matter what has happened until this point, you do not have to stay in that space.
keep_moving_forwardYou can move forward.
Each day we have choices.
Making the ones that strengthen us are not always easy.
The more we know and understand about WHY we would make these changes, the easier they are to make.

I recently resolved to begin a fast.
This was not a super strict fast, especially for my “normal” diet.
However, it did include leaving out some things that I do particularly enjoy from time to time.

Preparing for the fast by a super clean raw vegan diet helped kick start my 21 day journey.Raw Foods

juicingThis was followed by a 3.5 day juice fast. Saying no to solid food for a period of time takes you out of the ritual of life.

But understanding the need my body has to begin to detoxify from the many avenues of toxic insult helps me push through those difficult times.

Food chemicalsOur bodies are in toxic overload from our environment, diet, and the vast toxic-household-cleanerschemicals that pervade our lives.

Fasting and having a time of proper periodic detoxification is crucial to getting rid of the sludge that keeps our bodies from optimal functioning.

It also strengthens our minds and if done with the intention, can also be a spiritual journey that can bring a new joy and awareness to our lives.

febcalendarAs this first month comes to a close, we have yet another opportunity for new beginnings.

Don’t throw in the towel. Dig in and get reconnected to your ” WHY” and see mom_and_daughteryourself as the strong, healthy and beautiful woman you already are.

It’s time to shed back the layers that are keeping you from fully realizing it.

If you are ready, Moms In Charge has partnered with some individuals we are confident can help you each step of the way.

There are 2 specific coaches that are offering programs coming up that I highly recommend.

jessicalopezrnJessica Lopez, RN is starting her EMPOWERED WOMAN program.
This is a fully comprehensive and life changing program that I personally will be going through.

If you are sick and tired of wondering what is wrong with you, why you are so tired, and need the pieces put together for you with specific life direction, this is the program for you!

Check it out HERE and let her know you are with MIC for a special gift!


If you need a tune up and need personalized support and direction for a cleanse, I recommend Peggy Hall,  who will help you take your life from dull to vibrant!
Check out her upcoming cleanse HERE.

I am on the tail end of my fast.

gracetreeIt has been met with many challenges, most of them I have  overcome, but I have also allowed a little grace in the tough times, realizing that beating myself up is counterproductive for my goals.

So,  I will finish my course and pray for the strength and results that will keep me moving toward a healthier happier version of myself than when I began this year.

After all, we all have a
Stay where you are, move backward or forward.
Get a clear picture of where you want to be at the end of next month.
Take a step forward.
You may just amaze yourself with how strong you really are!

I believe in YOU!!!
See u on the journey!



Dotty 🙂


Dotty Cropped2By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.


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