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Are You Tired of Being Tired

on January 3, 2013
We have all just gotten through the rush of the holidays with all it’s fun and madness!
Let’s face it, it’s stressful!
I am thrilled that Moms In Charge has partnered with one of the best Health Coaches, who I have full confidence can help empower us all to better understand our health and how to get to the underlying issues that continue to contributing to our stress and less than vibrant health!
She is now an official MIC guest blogger!
This blog is amazing and I’m honored to share it with you!

Let´s see if this describes you at all….

6:00am- alarm goes off and is greeted with a puffy face and a slam to the snooze button. 5 minutes later your alarm screams at you once again and your growl and hit it once again. 15 minutes later you slowly sit up and rub your slightly open eyes and blindly walk into the bathroom and splash some water on your face to try to wake yourself up. You drag yourself into the shower and little by little you start coming to consciousness and wish you hadn’t had so much trouble sleeping the night before.

You throw on your clothes and by this time you are running late so you grab your things and rush out the door. On your way to work (or school) you anxiously rush through the drive-through and grab a venti caramel macchiato and a pastry or piece of fruit (if anything) to help wake you up before your day starts. You try to focus on your plan for the day but you feel ¨foggy¨and are unable to think clearly.

3pm comes around and you really crash, you need that mid-day pick me up and decide to reach for another large cup of coffee, soda, or energy drink to help you push through the rest of your work. For lunch (if you eat lunch at all), you eat it on the go or at your desk while you are multi-tasking. It is usually a microwave meal, maybe a combo meal from the nearest fast food restaurant, or a compilation of snacks: a bag of trail mix( with salted nuts, dried fruit,&  chocolate),  diet coke, banana, a granola bar, and a ¨sugar-free¨ yogurt. Then its back to your crazy schedule as you struggle through the end of your day.

After work, you get home and unwind with a couple of sodas, beers, or a bottle of wine and decide you deserve to ¨treat¨yourself from your crazy day and you are too tired to cook, so you order pizza and for dessert you are craving sugar and nothing sounds better than a nice bowl of ice cream with your favorite toppings. 11pm rolls around and oddly enough, you can´t sleep! All day you were so tired, but your body won´t shut down now that it is time to sleep. You are feeling anxious and thoughts keep racing through your mind about the next day and all of the things you have to do. You finally drift away around 2am and the next morning it starts all over again.

So tell me…did that hit any trigger points with you?? Maybe you are a full-time mom and instead of rushing off to work, you are rushing off to feed the kids, take them to school, do the laundry, shopping, errands, pay the bills, then pick the kids back up, soccer practice, piano lessons, then back home to make dinner, clean up after dinner, play with the kids and struggle putting them to bed.

No matter what your role or job, the truth is that most Americans live a similar lifestyle to the one I just spelled out. This is why Adrenal Fatigue has been coined, ¨The 21st Century Stress Syndrome¨.

I want to tell you a little bit about our incredible adrenal glands, how they work, and why it is CRUCIAL to our health to take care of them and also teach our kids and family members to do the same.

Click HERE to read the rest of her blog & to learn how to take care of your adrenal glands & have more energy!!!
Find out more about Jessica and her amazing opportunities:
It’s time to take our health back!
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Jessica is a Registerd Nurse, as well as, a certified Health Coach having been trained through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  Her education has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health. Drawing on these skills and the knowledge of different dietary theories, Jessica work with clients to help them make lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results.
She is an official MIC partner and “Fast Track” Health Coach

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