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Soar into 2013 “Find Your Inner Super Hero”

on December 31, 2012


“I feel like I have super powers.” Imagewas my comment to my best friend as we wheeled our cart into the local grocery store.

We had just taken a tour of her town’s health food store and now were on a mission to find the most organic produce and gluten-free options for our dinner with our families.

This narrowed down 99% of the store, and although very limited, made it very easy to shop without a sea of  “options”.


I explained that instead of feeling like the “weird-o” by only choosing these few options mainstream offers, I have chosen to feel like I have special “powers”.

The truth is, the only “powers” I possess is the inner strength to stay on my not so popular path and the amazing nutrients that fuel my body as I continue to consume them no matter how difficult.


Going back to Ga is always something I look forward to, but because of my selective diet, it also comes with a set of challenges and some anxiety.

ImageLiving in Southern California, I have been very spoiled to have an abundance of green organic produce readily available along with some amazing organic, raw and healthy places to eat and get fresh juices.

However, it is good for me to leave my fruit and veggie sunshiny “mecca” to be more aware of the situation of how difficult it is for so many across our great land to eat fresh organic food.

It brings to light how impoImagertant it is for more people to get more informed and more empowered about the importance of micronutrients and the dangers in a diet high in processed foods.

What I continue to find during my trips to many other areas, even besides Georgia, is that food is approached as not something we use to keep our body functioning at it’s best, but rather more as a mindless ritual that satisfies cravings.

This approach is clouded with cost, convenience and traditions.

The major problem with this cycle of behavior, is the resulting poor health.

With the increase in food additives in processed foods, meat and dairy infused with hormones, medication and other harmful substances, the amount of toxins are being consumed at an alarming rate.

Image The sad and disturbing part for me is how little thought or care goes into the intention for buying and preparing food as it related to health.

Without this understanding, the demand continues to be low, perpetuating the cycle.

Realizing these facts and seeing the enormity of the situation, I always seem to find myself swirling down the abyss of despair and feeling overwhelmed.

This is often coupled with the feeling of isolation and feeling like the odd man out.

Although this year was mostly the same, except that my family has come to accept and “tolerate” my food choices and even enjoy some of them,  I have changed my mindset from feeling like the “weird one” to “super one”.

This is not to be confused with feeling “superior”, but rather grateful to have received the information and desire to make some unpopular changes.

Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the task to help and empower others to understand the importance of food choices is being replaced by motivation to continue to walk my walk.


Over the last few years, I have watched how by making changes for myself and taking one step at a time, others have watched, been curious and many times have begun their own health journey once they were ready.


I am more motivated now than ever to continue learning, making more positive changes and sharing  through example and having resources available for those who do desire a healthy vibrant life come looking.

ImageThe Moms In Charge TEAM is committed in 2013 to provide viable, practical options and steps to help moms on their journey to navigate the often complicated road to wellness.

We believe as we each continue to get empowered and make changes that positively impact our health, that others will naturally be drawn to find out how they, too can live vibrantly.


Ultimately, as the movement grows, we are hopeful that so will the demand, resulting in healthier choices being more readily accepted and available.


This new year, take the lead in your circle of influence and be the ” SUPER WOMAN”  you were created to be and watch your health soar to new heights.

I want to give a major recognition and appreciation to those who are taking charge and doing their part to teach and empower, against great odds!

Shannon Webster-Davis, who went to school with me from grade school to high school,  came back to our small Ga town, after being gone for about 20 years, learning and getting her holistic education,  to open “Keona Wellness” to give people who otherwise may not ever have the opportunity to really learn and get healthy resources.

Also, all of the Moms IN Charge mamas who have taken up the reigns in their own personal lives, and with their kids, including those who are now enrolled and completing Health Coaching and other Health related courses to continue learning!

May more of us reach out in our sphere of influence and “CHANGE THE SHAPE OF OUR FUTURE!”

Dotty Cropped2By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.


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