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What are You Holding On To?

on August 13, 2012

While putting my son to bed tonight, I opened his medicine cabinet to get his nail clippers.

I open this cabinet often to get a band aid or other trivial items. However, I always seem to ignore what tonight was staring me in the face.

When my son was a baby until he was 3, he suffered horribly with a chronic “asthma-like” condition.

It was so bad that for a period of several months he was on breathing treatments.  Daily breathing treatments were the “norm” and antibiotics were always on tap.

It is hard to describe the frightening, throat-gripping fear when your child cannot breathe.  It’s so overwhelming that the desperation is almost unbearable.

Tonight as I looked in the cabinet I saw the bottle of steroids that I so heavily depended on during those scary times.

I had saved it because there was just a tiny bit left in the bottom of the bottle.
It was my safety net for my son.

At one point during these frightening cycles, he had been “maxed out” on the amount of steroids the Dr. would prescribe.

The fear of not having this airway opening drug caused me to beg for extra anyway just to have it on hand.

My mind raced to those long and heart-wrenching nights with Carson as he coughed and struggled so hard to breathe.

My husband and I would tag team to get his meds ready and turn on the shower for steam and alternate between the cold night air, and try to distract him and console him.

Meanwhile, I would pace, call the Dr. , wondering if i should race him to the ER, but fearing he would respiratory arrest and die in the car if I attempted to leave.

The whole ordeal was such an ongoing nightmare for all of us.

I left the medicine cabinet and went to his closet where I opened up his “stash”… My stash… My other things I had been holding on to…; the breathing machine with boxes and boxes of his treatment medications still neatly packaged there.

Tonight was for some reason an awakening moment for me.

Although for the last several years we have made significant changes in his diet, home cleaning and personal care products and have learned amazing strategies to keep his immune system strong and use effective alternative therapies for any I’ll symptoms, I have still been holding on to the “what if’s”.

The bottle of steroids was dated 2008.

Perhaps I am not alone in my fears?
So, I am writing this to let you know it’s ok…
However, fears and holding on may be keeping you from walking in a place of total freedom.

Taking this peek down that scary lane of our “sick-cycle” history made me feel so blessed!

I am so amazingly grateful for all I have learned and been able to use to help my son be his best and walk in
wonderful health.

It made me have even greater resolve to continue my mission of Moms in Charge, to share hope and a better path for moms and kids like us so hopefully they don’t have to suffer as we did..

It also made me realize it was time to let go and embrace what I now know as truth and move forward without needing the security blanket of medications.

Even though I wasn’t consciously thinking about what was behind the medicine cabinet and closet doors, the energy of that fear was very present I am certain hindering me from moving forward in other areas of my life.

Perhaps there is something you are holding on to that is keeping you back from true freedom? It may not be a medicine.. but whatever it may be, perhaps it’s time to take a peek behind

those doors… Maybe it’s time to let go and trust….

You are not alone…

Take a step and walk with me…..


Dotty 🙂

Dotty Cropped2By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.

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