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Just a “Little”

on July 11, 2012

A blog was recently posted about how healthy foods could actually be dangerous for our kids.

While reading it, I became ever more keenly aware of how important the mission of Moms in Charge is.

I also was simultaneously faced with my own real life situation of food choices with my own child.

As I dropped her off at camp, I overheard her friend excitedly tell her they were going to Golden Spoon.

Yes, I’ll admit; I cringed.

Debating on what to do, I explained I would bring her a treat after school but I didn’t want her to eat from there.

I left conflicted about how controlling that sounded and if I had made the best choice to say that.

Pause… On with the blog:

The idea that we are going to damage our children by eliminating food options that main stream media and society tells us to feed them is something to explore.

Without pointing fingers or criticizing people with this opinion, I want to dissect this so the truth is filleted open for us to closely examine and then make an informed choice.

The conflict I felt and I believe many of us feel is because we have come to understand these truths about what has become mainstream food.

What we know as “food” has evolved over the last several decades and what were once whole foods have been replaced with a version of food that looks similar to nutritious food, but has been modified to accommodate our needs.

This is what we are dealing with:

1. Government farming subsidies
The government gives farmers money to farm.
This was great when it started and helped our country through a rough time.
The result has been a surplus of “cash crops”.
Corn is king in America. Check out this link to the documentary, King Corn.
Because there is no way to eat as much corn that is produced, they have come up with ingenious ways to utilize the surplus.

High Fructose Corn Syrup was born to capitalize on the excess and the health implications of consuming this, especially at the alarming levels as our general population of kids are is vast.

GMO’s and Pesticides
Since our society has morphed from small crop lands to  huge acres of mono crops, there has become the “need” to make genetically modified seeds to withstand the huge doses of pesticides dumped on the plants to kill the bugs that would otherwise be unstoppable.

The results are cumulative with detrimental health concerns widely documented


This flavor enhancer is disguised in everything from soups to salad dressings.  Click on the this link to see what foods may contain MSG.

It has been linked to cancer, migraines, and many other health problems including being a precursor to obesity.

Factory Farming – most of us want to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to what’s happening to  animals before they are so nicely packaged and make it to our fast food restaurants, grocery shelves and barbecues.

The reality is, the food coming from factory farms are full of hormones, medications from animals that have lived an inhumane life, fed unnatural foods and then marketed to us as what we need for protein.

The unhonorable mentions are food dyes, artificial and “natural” flavoring, aspartame and other chemical cocktails that are laced in the foods commonly marketed to kids and in almost every processed food.

The issue is that these foods and additives are so prevalent, have become not only the “norm” but expected way to feed our kids and feeding these foods to them continually will cause a toxic overload to their tiny bodies that were never meant to handle even close to as much as they are exposed to.

The big deal is:
** Decreased immune system
**More mucous production
**less efficient elimination systems
**Acidic environment that sets them up for every kind of illness including cancer

With all of these glaring realities, what is a mom to do?

First of all, do the BEST you can to make the healthiest choices when it’s within your power

2. Plan ahead
Have a shopping day or 2 set aside during the week to buy the freshest organic foods to prepare as many of your own snacks as possible.
Check out our affiliate link that will help you plan your weekly meals.

3. Prepare for the party
If you know your kids have a party coming up at school, find out what the faire will be
* prepare a healthier version of that food and if possible, let your child assist you with it.

4. Engage and Empower your kids
Explain to your Childs’ age level in a respectful and engaging way how our food choices affect us.

** Utilize their “hot buttons” to interest them in caring
Ex: if they are into sports, explain which food choices make them run faster;  if they are into princesses, which foods will make their hair stronger, etc

** Begin introducing older kids to greater concepts of why we make these food choices.

– At your descretion begin explaining the above concepts, use the Internet to show short videos of non-graphic or harmful videos, but rather informative and eye-opening understanding of how the food processing is so far from the way it was intended fir our bodies , that it sets us up to be less than our best.

It is up to us to safeguard our kids while they are unable to make their own healthy choices.
It is up to us to empower them with the information and understanding of WHY it matters so that when they do have to choose it can ultimately be a healthier one.

I would like to add one short little “grace” for all of you.

Most of us are trying to do “all the right things”, but the reality is, life is not perfect, neither are we or our kids.

There are simply going to be circumstances where the best choice available isn’t something you would dream of giving them.

Thankfully, our bodies ARE designed to handle small amounts of toxins and junk, but may come with a price of not feeling our best.

Unfortunately “special occasions” become way too common and the “littles” can add up to “a lot”.

Use the times your kids are not with you and when they choose the “unhealthy version” to be an opportunity for learning and discussion rather than shaming or judging.

The end of the story with my daughter was her feeling the pressure that she had no other choice.
She chose the golden spoon.

While I would have loved to hear she gladly ate the other treats in her lunch and was a strong leader, I decided to find the good in what happened.

She was very proud that she told me the truth, and I am sure even more glad that I was understanding and used the opportunity to have a positive discussion about it.

I believe the more we empower our kids not only with information and understanding about the food choices but also treat them with respect and allow them to begin making a few choices along the way, the better overall decisions they will make.

Do the best with what you know and have within your power and know life is a gift so celebrate the “little” things, no matter how it’s sliced 😉


Dotty 🙂

Dotty Cropped2By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.


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