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One Size Fits… “Most”

on March 8, 2012

Shopping has never been one of my favorite things to do.

Even going to the mall seems so time-consuming and not exactly my idea of a great time. Then, there’s the dressing room thing, that all the ladies just “love”; the fluorescent lighting, carnival like mirrors and the pressure of “how’d that work for you” phrase.

Ugh! So, I have found just grabbing a one size fits all shirt or dress usually is a fair bet when I’m in a pinch.

But, the trouble is, that word “all” should be “most” or “some” because it doesn’t always quite “fit”.

As I am on the journey of health and hear from others their formula for success in wellness and advice from people, the more I realize the correlation to my shopping excursions.

There are basic principles to follow in being healthy; clean pure air and water, eating organic and closer to the way food is grown from the earth, without chemicals and genetic engineering.

But, as I have studied countless diet theories through my health coaching school, I have gained a deeper realization of how unique we each have been made.
We have all been born with a specific genetic composition.

In considering what wellness plan will work for you, I believe it is best to begin to pay attention to clues from the best
source you have; your OWN body.

The journey to health belongs ultimately to you.
Read and be empowered with information, but also listen to the clues your own “earthly house” is giving you.

So when shopping for the garment you need for the occasion of vibrant health, make sure you are not just pulling  something off the rack that someone has labeled to make you think it will fit you.

I encourage you to tailor your own garment…
I have a feeling it will be the perfect “fit” 🙂

Dotty Cropped2By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.


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