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on January 30, 2012

The last few days were a wake up call.

Not the kind of wake up call I received in the early morning hours between midnight and 6am
from my sick kids, but the one that resulted because of my little un-set “alarms”.

After becoming empowered with the information to transition to a truly healthy way to live, the transformation of our health was astounding.

For almost a year my children and I have benefited from dietary and home product changes that have given us a new “sickness-free” way of living.

However, as we all are aware, our world is not perfect, and neither are we. We can therefore fall prey to viruses and other infectious processes that are out to attack our bodies.

My kids one by one fell into the clutches of a viral spiral that gave me flashbacks to the years leading up to our line we drew in the sand for a healthy lifestyle.

If you have never had chronically sick kids, it may be a bit harder to buy into the notion that food could make you sick. However, since we lived it and experienced it, I became a believer very easily and quickly. Eliminating certain foods and adding in others turned our health from chronic colds, runny noses, trips to the doctor,  breathing treatments, lots of meds and sleepless nights to living without sickness!

I was trying to find and give the correct remedies, holding back my daughters hair from her face as she threw up, while my sick baby was crying and coughing, and my son’s cough and sniffling nose tuned into the melody of my feeling of defeat!

It was hard to understand how they could be getting sick! Not MY kids!  I do almost everything possible to prevent this!

However, in the stillness of the commotion, I realized how blessed we were! This used to be my life on a continual basis!

I remembered how miserable I was as it always seemed that I either had a sick kid, was sick myself or in fear of the boogery kid at school or any kids’ classes!

But by making some simple changes, we had been able to break out of the “sick-cycle” to a place of vibrant living.

The beauty of the process of helping my kids return to health is the confidence that I now have the RIGHT and EFFECTIVE tools to help their bodies heal themselves.

No more do I medicate and suppress their symptoms or fever which were trying to allow the body to get well, but I have an arsenal of holistic weapons to fight a battle that I can win.

Through homeopathy, vitamins, minerals, fresh whole, live foods and probiotics combined with lots of TLC and prayer, my kids were able to let their bodies become even stronger through the process rather than becoming weaker through medications.

If I had not lived a life where sickness was the norm, I would not now appreciate the daily health of my family.

I believe that any struggles that you are going through are there to teach you a lesson. They are there to make you stronger.  But in order for you to truly win and come out “the victor” instead of the victim, you must allow the process to shape you.

Learn from the times of suffering, for it’s in these times that your faith, hope and courage can grow.

It was my wake-up call to continue my diligence with our health regime.

I have become stronger, and even though walking the pathways to health may sometimes seem inconvenient or hard, it doesn’t compare to the uphill and rocky path that I used to be on with my sick kids!

My motto is even stronger and more tangible today: “You are going to spend your time doing one of two things; either staying healthy, or getting healthy!”

Join me on the path of staying healthy!



Dotty 🙂

Dotty Cropped2By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.


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