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on January 17, 2012

The air was crisp, the sky was blue, it was a day full of excitement of the fun that lay ahead.

My husband and I were finally on a trip alone without 3 kids in tow.

All our ski gear on, we headed to the slopes.

The only problem was, I was terrified.
Although a thrill seeker by nature, I have come to realize the seeking is to overcome my innate fears.

We set off on the beginner’s trail to get in some “practice”. But these were not the practicing kind of trails. In fact, as we rounded the short distance of only slightly intimidating stretch, I came upon a gigantic hill, or at least it seemed.

I was literally stricken then frozen with fear.

The prospect of me attempting this hill was so out of the question that I stayed at the top , skis perpendicular to the hill.

My husband was at the bottom motioning and yelling up to me to come on down.
I can honestly say that this idea was as crazy as anything I had ever heard.
I mean, I had no idea of how to even manage to get there without simply rolling or walking down.

What had seemed like a good idea at the start had turned into a terrifying probably life shortening option at this point.

After about 20 minutes, I began inching my way down by walking with my skis at the perpendicular angle, falling and having major technical difficulties.

Needless to say, the drama continued until at last, I reached the bottom.

Unfortunately, this was only the beginning of a lesson in life I will never forget…
So, I thought I would share it with you.

I somehow made it to the ski lift.

The idea that I was now being lifted way up onto a snow-capped mountain was a ridiculous notion since that meant that now I had to figure out how to ski down .
I couldn’t figure out how I was the only one of the pair who found this to be incredibly bizarre.

I must mention that I had
been skiing once before in my adult life here a year earlier.  The fact that I had somehow managed to make it down a few hills without killing or injuring myself was a miracle.

All I had learned the year before had somehow been lost in between the life dramas of the sicknesses of my mom, myself and the kids, the near death experiences of my husband, starting school, starting a huge organization, all the while raising 3 little kids and all the other events that keep life going at warp speed.

Off the lift we sped, onto the top of “pearl” trail . The wind was blowing so hard that it was blowing me back .

Once again, my hubby sped down the steep part if the trail to wait and beckon for me at the bottom.

The fear from the first hill had now turned into full-blown panic!

I watched as skier after skier, including little kids sped by me.
How could I be so afraid?

This couldnt be that scary and difficult. But, I couldn’t move.
I yelled down for him to go ahead. I needed to figure out how I would get down this mountain .

I was certain I could call someone and they could send a snow mobile or something.
I was certain I couldn’t have been the only one to be stricken with fear?

This was a scary steep hill!
The wind was getting more gusty, as snow swirled around.

Finally a ski instructor came zooming by.

I yelled out for help.

I caught his attention about midway down the slope. ” I can’t reach you,” he replied to my yells for assistance.

Meanwhile, my husband stayed waiting patiently for the only freaked out skier on the mountain.

The snow gusts picked up their force, as the instructor attended to climb up to assist me.
I had managed to get my skies back on after another tumble down into the snowy banks .
Hanging on to my ski poles for dear life, I  listened as he yelled up these words, “Can you pizza?”

“Huh? Pizza?” It was not computing…

“Can you Pizza?” was his reply again .
I suddenly understood what he was saying and said “Yes.”.

He told me if I could just do that, I could make it.

With that basic Instruction, I ” pizza’d (skiing with my skies in shape of pizza slice) down the steep hill and somehow made it to the first part of safety.

On the way down the hill a little  boy passed me. I began to mimic his moves and strategies. He unknowingly taught me some skiing fundamentals, as I carefully followed his lead through the snow until I went crashing into a snow drift, losing my ski stick.

I managed to crawl out at least enough to hear the words of the good Samaritan instructor echoing in my ears as I “pizza’d” to the bottom of the run.

The experience of the trials and determination with a few basic tips gave me the confidence enough to go back up another lift to try it all again.

As the day went on, my skiing ability and confidence seemed to increase, I thought how similar it was to my health journey.

After I got sick and knew drastic changes were in order for me to live a life without chronic illness for myself and my children, I felt like I did setting out on my ski journey.

Like my skiing career up until that point, I had dabbled a bit in “healthy” foods and lifestyle and had a general knowledge.

However, I lacked any real understanding or fundamentals of how to properly navigate the pathways, hills and obstacles along the way.

I remember feeling as helpless and terrified as I did on the mountain that day, when I came downstairs trying to figure out, “What do I eat now? What do I do?”

I felt like it was too daunting of a task and just wanted the wellness “ski- patrol” to cone rescue me.

But, there was no way back!
I knew too much, I had experienced too much and the only way to go was forward…

A rescue worker on the “mountain” came along to show me “how to pizza” by sharing a basic way to maneuver safely.

The problem was, I couldn’t go very far or really enjoy the journey by just surviving.

The next day, I did what i should have done to start with…I booked a private lesson.

Although it cost extra money, took time out of my “fun” schedule, the  proper instruction made a huge difference in the safety and ease as well as opened up more interesting and exciting adventures.

As you start your journey of authentic wellness, I want you to know Moms In Charge was created for the purpose of being your “ski – instructor”.

We are here to give you the tools and direction you need to help you navigate the various paths you will encounter.

To get the most out of this new adventure, I encourage you to take the time to utilize the resources provided for you.

The meetings, classes, fast-track programs, on-line guidance is all here to give you the confidence you need to traverse any obstacle and have a blast in the process!

May your fears melt away as you step into your power and take Charge of the journey of health with your kids.



Dotty 🙂


Dotty Cropped2By: Dotty Hagmier, RN, BSN, CHC

As the president and founder of Moms in Charge and also a mom of three beautiful children, Dotty’s passion is to guide families into a place that will provide them with the best possible choices to raise healthy and vibrant children.

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